Norfenicol® (florfenicol) from Norbrook

When it comes to treating and controlling Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in beef and non-lactating dairy cattle, Norfenicol® (florfenicol) from Norbrook® provides a convenient and effective solution.

Improved Syringeability

Formulated to be less viscous for easy administration.

Durable Plastic Bottle

Helps eliminate breakage in a convenient bottle with the ability to hang.

Valuable Treatment Option

Cost-effective alternative in the control and treatment of BRD.

“With Norfenicol, producers now have an antibiotic option for treating and controlling BRD that’s much more convenient to administer than the pioneer, especially in colder weather when product viscosity can be a problem.”

-Dr. Eric Moore, Director of Technical Services for Norbrook
Norfenicol® has a shorter withdrawal time than Nuflor®.

33 days versus 38 days when administered as a single subcutaneous injection.

Norfenicol® is approved for either intramuscular or subcutaneous use in:
  • • All types of beef cattle
  • • Non-lactating dairy cattle

Treat with a fast-acting, broad-spectrum antibiotic to get cattle healthy and back to a more productive status.

For over 50 years, Norbrook® has been focused on delivering value to customers and continues to be an increasingly important provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals to enhance the health of farm and companion animals.

High Standards

A generic drug is the bioequivalent to a pioneer and undergoes the same rigorous testing to meet high regulatory standards at every stage.

Same Effectiveness

Not only are generics just as effective, but they can also offer a better value over their pioneer counterparts.

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